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02 FA FILM - RENNES LE CHÂTEAU - The Awakening of the Priestess - Reactivating old memories - Nancy Safford - In English (USA)

Nancy was called to explore the mystical Languedoc, to expand her own consciousness by the powerful magic and legacies hidden in the land. Her primary focus was not only on the Holy Grail Mysteries recorded there, but on Mary Magdalene, who is closely aligned with these mysteries and whose essence and memory were left here long ago when she walked and taught. Nancy welcomes each of you to join her on any of her group journeys offered this year and she also offers private journeys, for those preferring one. Is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with their soul essence and Divine purpose on the planet. She is an author, clairvoyant reader, a Shamanic healing practitioner and an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, facilitating men and women to awaken to their male/female dynamic within, their Priest/Priestess or God/Goddess selves, to embrace a more conscious, authentic relationship in their lives.

My book coming out in fall 2016

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Malgorzata Debowska
Image et montage
Konstanty Udala
Hans-André Stamm

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