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Celestial Gardens - Hans-André Stamm, compositeur - 01 CD

Celestial Gardens

Dreamy moods with soft instruments (flute, harp, strings, etc.), recorded in the special musical just intonation tuning system, in which so-called "micro-intervals", small tone steps within the half tone limit, can be heard, giving the music a very unique, exotic sound stimulus.

The idea of ​​a sphere of radiant beauty and inspires feelings of happiness for centuries captured the imagination of poets and musicians. Often it takes shape in the vision of heavenly gardens where flowers bloom and seductive perfumes are interwoven with blissful sounds. In order to express such an idea musically, soft instruments such as flutes, harps, strings, etc. are used, which are tuned in just intonation, instead of the usual tempered tone system of twelve tones, a complex procedure, which expands the number of notes to more than double. The benefit is apart from a clearer sound the so-called micro-intervals such as thirds, quarter and eighth tones, which become audible. Those fine pitch differences as they are found in non-European sound systems lead the listener into dreamy mood.


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