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DOLPHINS… A MESSAGE OF LOVE (Les Dauphins… Un Message D’Amour) - Frédéric Delarue compositeur - 05 CD MUSIQUE

Cet album fut entièrement inspiré par les dauphins eux mêmes. Ils m’ont demandés si j’acceptais le "téléchargement de leur musique’ pour aider tous être humain à se reconnecter spirituellement à eux mêmes. Les dauphins disent qu’ils sont fait uniquement d’un Amour Pur. Ils disent aussi : Vous, humains, avez oublié qui vous êtes, et que vous êtes fait d’amour aussi. Cet album fut une grande révélation pour moi. Les dauphins ont touchés mon Coeur et m’ont guidés vers des endroits magiques au fond des mers ou le ’Secret des Secrets’ est caché. Le morceau # 11 reflète ceci dans sa plus grande splendeur. Sans le voir, ou savoir ou, vous recevrez ce secret magique en écoutant ce morceau : Angels of the Sea (Les Anges de la Mer) Les dauphins sont connectés au chakra du coeur. Ils veulent nous enseigner à nous libérer de nos blocages émotionnels, en focalisant dans la profondeur et la beauté de notre coeur et des vibrations pures d’amour inconditionnel.
Je fus extrêment touché d’avoir accepté de faire ce travail, qui m’a emmené dans des paysages inoubliables. Les dauphins sont Amour, Lumière, Paix, Harmonie, Joie Profonde, et ils espèrent que nous, humains, pourront ouvrir nos coeurs à cet amour universel pur et inconditionnel à nouveau.

Du fond du coeur,
Frédéric Delarue

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Pearls of Celtic Songs - Hans-André Stamm, compositeur - 02 CD HAS musique

Love songs and hymns, mainly sung (soprano and/or tenor), complemented with instrumentals.

Once again Stamm selects meditative and powerful melodies from collections of Celtic songs for arrangements with soloistic singing (tenor and soprano), sometimes alternating with choral singing. The sung titles predominate in this production. As singer the folk singer Mark Brachtendorf could be won, his voice and way of singing exactly corresponding to the character of this music. To some of these orally transmitted folk melodies, the two most important poets of the Celtic Culture, Thomas Moore in Ireland and Robert Burns in Scotland, have written lyrics, among these the famous love song "Ae fond kiss". Accompanied by concert harp and Irish harp, small and big tin whistle, wooden flute and violin evoke the mystical sphere of this song collection.

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Spirit of Celtic Music - Hans-André Stamm, compositeur - 04 CD HAS musique

Some of the most beautiful minstrel melodies from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany in meditative chamber music arrangements

The songs recorded here from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany express the deep mystical sense of the Celtic peoples through the simple beauty of their melodies the. Some compositions are very old, some may have been composed for spiritual practices of bards. The figures and landscapes sung in these "minstrels" are regarded as symbols of a higher, transcendental world that touches you deeply. The instrumental arrangements are played on modern classical instruments like violin, flute, piano, strings and harp. The title sequence is harmoniously complemented through own compositions by Hans-André Stamm. Elevating music that evokes a desire for authenticity and can accompany us to realms of a higher ideality.

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Songs of Celtic Music - Hans-André Stamm, compositeur - 03 CD HAS musique

Further beautiful melodies from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, here also with vocals (soprano and choir)

As a sequel of the successful CD "Spirit of Celtic Music" this second production presents a collection of some of the most beautiful songs of the Celtic Culture. Rightly the Celtic peoples claim to possess the most beautiful heritage of folk melodies. It has retained its character throughout the history of European music and proves the deep mystical sense of the Celtic peoples. Differently to the first production the inclusion of vocals is characteristic.Three tunes are sung in arrangements for choir, two more pieces for solo soprano. The meditative sound of this recording obtains its typical folkloric color through the inclusion of the folk instruments clarsach (celtic harp) and tin whistle.

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Celestial Gardens - Hans-André Stamm, compositeur - 01 CD HAS musique

Celestial Gardens

Dreamy moods with soft instruments (flute, harp, strings, etc.), recorded in the special musical just intonation tuning system, in which so-called "micro-intervals", small tone steps within the half tone limit, can be heard, giving the music a very unique, exotic sound stimulus.

The idea of ​​a sphere of radiant beauty and inspires feelings of happiness for centuries captured the imagination of poets and musicians. Often it takes shape in the vision of heavenly gardens where flowers bloom and seductive perfumes are interwoven with blissful sounds. In order to express such an idea musically, soft instruments such as flutes, harps, strings, etc. are used, which are tuned in just intonation, instead of the usual tempered tone system of twelve tones, a complex procedure, which expands the number of notes to more than double. The benefit is apart from a clearer sound the so-called micro-intervals such as thirds, quarter and eighth tones, which become audible. Those fine pitch differences as they are found in non-European sound systems lead the listener into dreamy mood.

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